KeyPath allows you to draw on a diverse range
of transport skills and expertise.

KeyPath is a specialist consultancy providing research and strategic advisory services in the areas of sustainable transport, transport energy and transport-related environmental issues. The Sydney-based firm provides services across the Asia-Pacific Region.

What our Clients Say

The KeyPath Team has a great ability to quickly understand the challenge at hand and then set about finding a solution with a minimum of fuss. They are a pleasure to work with and the Principal, Mark McKenzie, has a long and positive history with the Truck Industry Council- Tony McMullan, CEO, Truck Industry Council (Australia)
I have cooperated with Mark on several bids and projects in the past. Mark has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the transport sector. His analysis is always comprehensive, practical and accessible. Mark is outcomes focussed and always delivers on his commitments.- Colin Cockroft, Engineering Manager, Anitcom (Australia)
Mark is a genius. He can walk into a room full of people, listen to them speak then solve all their problems on the white board almost instantaneously. It's amazing to watch and his clients are always happy with the innovative strategic solutions he provides. I have worked with Mark both as an employee and more recently as part of a consortium. He always conducts himself with a high level of integrity and it is both a pleasure and a privilege to work with him.- Hannah Meade, Principal Consultant, NDevr Environmental (Australia)