Utilising a network model that provides access to a wide range of specialist resources with single point accountability for the on-time and on-budget delivery of consultancy projects.

Business Leadership

Mark McKenzie

Director and Founder

Mark McKenzie is the founder of KeyPath Consulting and leads the operations of the business throughout Australia and SE Asia. Mark is a senior professional with more than 30 years of diverse experience worked in both private and government organisations in Australia. Much of Mark’s experience has been worked in the areas of transport operations, transport policy and transport research.

In 2005, Mark founded Rare Consulting and developed this business from the point of start-up to one of the leading providers of transport-related research and policy services in Australia. He sold the business in 2012 and, having now fulfilled the non-compete provisions of the sale deed, has returned to the transport consulting industry.

In recent years, Mark has worked with government agencies and large Australian corporates to deliver policy and new technology solutions for the Australian transport and energy markets. Mark is a member of the Board of an Australian technology start-up that is working to commercialise a new technology for the global automotive market and worked as the national facilitator for the Australian Government’s $80M Alternative Fuels Conversion Programme between 2001 and 2008.

Mark is the national Chair of Australian Standards Committee EM001 which is charged with the development of new standards to support the market adoption of electric vehicles in Australia and is a member of ClimateWorks Transport Sector Advisory Committee

Mark is also the national Chair of the Australian Government’s Transport & Logistics Industry Reference Committee with his role being to work with other committee members to ensure that training standards in the transport industry are fit for purpose.

With professional qualifications in business (MBA) and engineering (BEng), Mark’s broad professional skills and extensive commercial experience means that he is well placed to provide Keypath’s clients with the wide range of services needed to deliver innovative solutions to some of the more contemporary transport challenges facing contemporary society.

The KeyPath Network

KeyPath utilises an innovative resource model to provide our clients with access to the wide range of services and expertise required to unlock strategic and policy solutions to the many and varied transport challenges facing contemporary communities. This model comprises a small leadership team with senior transport research and consulting experience who work in close partnership with a network of external specialists on a project by project basis.

The utilisation of this network means that our clients enjoy the benefits of accessing the diverse range of skills and expertise that are required to deliver projects at a reasonable cost, while ensuring that our clients enjoy single point accountability for the on-time delivery of quality outcomes.

The KeyPath network comprises senior professionals with experience in the areas of:

  • Automotive markets
  • Alternative fuels and vehicle drivetrain research
  • Energy analytics
  • Business and commercial strategy
  • Market economics
  • Transport energy market operation
  • Engineering design
  • Issues management
  • New venture design and financing
  • Project design and delivery
  • Risk management
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