Providing a comprehensive suite of transport research and transport advisory services.

The success of any economy can be intricately linked to the economic, environmental and social performance of its transport systems.

At KeyPath, we understand that transport systems are a vital element of any economy. Good transport systems can improve the economic output of an economy and deliver transport costs that improve the national and global competitiveness of an economy.

But transport systems also create significant social and environmental issues that need to be managed in accordance with the wider aspirations of the community. There is a need, for example, to minimize the impact of transport sector emissions on human health  and the built and natural environment.

Similarly, inequitable access to quality alternatives to private car travel introduces a level of social inequity as households with poor access to transport alternatives grapple with high transport costs as a result of the need to own multiple vehicles or spend large periods of their personal time in lengthy commutes to work.

The solutions to these challenges are not simple and have long been the focus of urban and transport planners in the face of an ever-increasing demand for personal travel.

At KeyPath, we utilise a diverse range of analytical skills and transport knowledge to help our clients understand the key dimensions of specific transport issues.
We then work with our clients to unlock potential solutions and validate these solutions in terms of their likely economic, environmental and social effectiveness.

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